I am a playgroup teacher.

everyday it never ceases to amaze me the different styles of parenting i come across.

not just at the school… Everywhere.

the ones who spoil their children with material goods to make up for the lack of time and attention they give.

the ones who are indifferent and barely bother to be a part of their childs development.

the ones who i wish would become indifferent because of substance, verbal or physical abuse.

Then there are those few to whom i would like to give a gold star.

doting, but not spoiling.

loving but firm.

i try not to judge.

they are who they are, i tell myself.

then the other part of me thinks, omg whats wrong with them?

who let them have children?!.!

i am not the best mother in the world.

i would never claim to be that.

but i try my best.

unfortunately, not all of them do.

most think that once you have popped the baby out, all youve got to do is feed them, clothe them and send them to school.

what happened to one on one time?


quality time…

watching tv together is not quality time.

taking them to a toy shop is mot quality time.

read to your kids.

talk to them, not AT them.

tell them reasons WHY, explain things to them, listen to their longwinded, complicated senseless stories.

for gods sake dont have any more children if youre not going to take care of them emotionally, physically, mentally and emotionally.

thank you to the parents who do…

it makes my job a lot easier.



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