My First Love

when he was born, i knew

i knew him

i knew he was mine and i had him before

i knew he had returned for a reason

as he grew, i know for sure

not just by the things he said

but by what others told me also

mummy, do you remember that time you were my dad?

mummy, dont do that again like last time when i was big

others told me we had shared many lives together

of course we had

i had known

when he reached 3 years of age, he stopped telling me these things

he stopped seeing spirits

perhaps i didnt nurse this side of him as much as i could have

perhaps he just outgrew it, as most people do

when reality taints them

when innocence slowly begins to disappear

i continue to try

i hope it comes back to him

he is a special child

far older than his five years

his sister is too

i cannot wait to hear what she comes out with

im sure we were all brought back together in this life for a reason

i think the lessons are for me

as much as they are for them

im grateful they chose me

that their souls have placed their trust in me as their mother

i look forward to our journey together again.



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