The Child

When I began teaching

I was told many things

About what a “good teacher” should be

Should do

Should say

Should behave

Should dress


Years later

I think I have broken all those rules

I ask my children how they are feeling

We talk about the chakras and work on our energy levels

I listen to what they have to say

And sometimes

Most of the time

The lesson I had planned goes flying out the window

Why should I have one set lesson plan when I have a number of children in my class

Who all learn at different paces

Who all enjoy different things

Who learn in different ways

Why should I have to ask them all to climb a tree

When some prefer to lie on the ground

Or swing from tree to tree

Or are scared of heights

Or dont even like trees

I believe I am doing a lot more than simply “giving them a proper education”

I believe I am helping them discover themselves

Express themselves

Be themselves

Without judgment

Without trying to put them altogether in one group

One label

Our children deserve more than that

Thank you to the parents who trust me

With their childs emotional



Physical development

Thank you for embracing my hippie ways

Our children are our future

Lets educate them the best we can

It is not all about textbooks



It is not about how much school fees are

Or which parents can afford what

It is about the child

Not you, the teacher

Not me

The child

We forget that a lot

It is time to remember



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