Darkness Pt III

my skin is crawling

my bones are aching

my head is throbbing

where are you?

my hands are shaking

my mind is breaking

my eyes are bleeding

where are you?

you lied

you said you would make it alright

does it look alright?

does it?

you said you could fix anything

well, did you?

burning in flames for all eternity

would be more pleasant than this

this yearning

this longing

this aching

this feeling

of torment

this pit

ive dug for myself

and i cant climb out

and nobody hears me

nobody is around





by my own insanity

when will it end?

when the pain stop?


One thought on “Darkness Pt III

  1. anon013 says:

    Beautifully written and can relate so well. Thanks for sharing

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