Being a parent in asia

Where we are privileged enough to either have household help (cheap)

Or nannies (cheap)

Or family members (not emotionally cheap)

I wonder how my friends in the west are coping

Where a full time nanny costs an arm and a leg

Where hiring a cleaner a couple of times a week cost perhaps just a leg

Where grandparents are only around for Christmas and holidays and really just for babysitting every now and then

Where babysitters are ten dollars an hour

I wonder

How do they do it?

Have they snagged an uber rich husband so they can be stay at home mothers?

Are they working 3 jobs to keep everything going?

Are they losing their minds?

There are days when I want to pull my hair out and check myself into a psych ward

But most days, im sane enough to realize how lucky I am

And how grateful I should be

Than I have an amazing mother who helps our family

That I have an amazing job

And my husband is a tattoo artist

So although money can be tight

I have enough

We have enough

…..oh and also, I get inked for free J


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