My Ink


  1. 18 years old. Tribal symbol meaning “obsession”
  2. 20 years old. Eye of Horus and tribal something
  3. 21 years old. Rosary beads, KARMA, SPASH, Egyptian Ankh, RR (looked like an upside down pineapple), name of current bf  (big mistake), random design
  4. 23 years old. Kai’s name in Hindu Sanskrit
  5. 24 years old. Charmed symbol (long story)
  6. 26 years old. Peacock feather, tree with 4 birds flying off it, henna quarter sleeve, half star, cover up Om symbol, cover up turtle, “May today there be peace within”, “And she loved a little boy very, very much, even more than she loved herself”, Hamsa
  7. 27 years old. Buddhist Wheel of Life, paintbrush stroke, little symbol on finger (ouch), henna around wrist, Ganesha, Geisha
  8. …………………………………. Not done yet….. TO BE CONTINUED

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