Motherhood <3

You there

With your penis

Yes you

Big man

You will never know what it feel like to

Carry the weight of your whole world within you

For nine months

The selflessness

Knowing that no matter what

Everything you do if for that little kicking alien that’s inside you

You will never know what it feels like to

Be stretched out, ripped and sewn back up

All for the sake of another human being

To have sore, cracked nipples

To feel the embarrassment of having breast milk seep through your bra and shirt

In the middle of the working day

To have this little human adore you more than anyone else in the world

Because to them, you are their whole world

To worry so much

To have so much fear about their futures

To miss them so much it aches when you’re apart

I don’t know whether or not you should

Consider yourself lucky

Or to feel sorry for you

But I know how lucky I am

To be a woman

To be a mother

I wouldn’t trade my monkeys in for anything in the universe

They are my world

They are my universe

They are my life



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