Parenting and discipline

When is it too much?

When is it not enough?

How do we know what we’re doing is the “right” way

Or the “wrong” way

Or if it’s even working?


Not smacking

Sweet and calm

Going ape shit

Time out


Tough love

Im a tough love kinda gal

It’s how I give it

And usually how I like to hear it


Bring it on

As long as your heart is in the right place

I hate sugar coating

And if I’ve said it once or twice in my nice voice

Then you are going to get some tough loving

I am not a coddler

I never have been

Perhaps because I was never coddled myself

Yes I was spoiled in other ways

Material goods


But never coddled

I had to be tough

Maybe I brought it on myself

“I don’t need pity, im stronger than that”

“I don’t need to cry, that’s embarrassing”

With my children, I allow them to cry

Crying is great

But not if they’re using it for manipulation

Pity no, but sympathizing yes

Being helpful, but teaching them to be independent

Being kind, but firm

Not making threats, but explaining consequences

Not time out, but letting them be y themselves to take a moment to think

I try and implement these methods at home and at work

My son pushes my buttons

My daughter is experimenting

But I have respect

And I am loved

I will not play the bad cop

But I stick by what I say

At the end of the day

Knowing that I have a group of little people who love and adore me

Is worth so much more

Than having 200 friends on Facebook


Heres to my kids

All of them

Biological or not

Whom I love

Who love me

Who drive me mental

Who make me smile

Who make me laugh

Who can can always give me a cuddle to cheer me up

I love each and every one of you



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