Little Miss…

I am terrified

ive been watching this indonesian mini beauty pageants on tv

of little girls dressed up in skanky outfits

dancing like nineteen year olds in a club

faces caked with make up

i am utterly terrified

their mothers are in the audience telling them to smile wider

move your arms like this

wink at the judges


why in all the gods names why?

i have a daughter

and i would die if anyone tried to put her in an outfit like some of these little girls are wearing

i worry what they will turn out to be like when they are older

if they are already been taught to dress and behave in this manner

their parents…

living through their children perhaps?

unfulfilled dreams?

its awful

forcing their little daughters to get up on stage that way

it isnt cute

im sorry

let them be children

why hide their beautiful faces under all that make up

why is them up like mini prostitutes

its sickening


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