Respect your elders…..


i respect anyone who deserves to be respected…

who respects me…

regardless of age


i once got in argument with an elder

About respect

i told her

why should i respect you

when i havent seen any proof that you deserve it

how have you earned respect from me?

because you were born before me?

puh leeeze

respect is earned

it is not a right

i dont expect respect from my students or my children

i will earn it through my actions

i respect few people in my life

not that they arent good people

not that they arent nice people

i just havent seen how or why i should show them respect

i in return do not expect respect from all my friends

perhaps there is.Something about me

that in their eyes

doesnt deserve to be respected

so be it

but you lady


you will get it when you have earned it

for now

i have no respect for you

not your status

not your money

not how you live your life

not how you treat me or others

in front of them

behind their backs

behind my back

you can talk about your higher power

and how you will be saved

i dont care

save it

i aint got no respect for you








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