I love my curves


i could lose a few kilos


it would be nice if my thighs didnt touch


it would nice not to have that muffin top that settles comfortably above my jeans

but honestly

i know myself

this is the way my body is

after two children

lack of sleep

random eating schedules

full time work

when do i have the time to tone and gym and carefully watch what i eat

if i can get one full meal down a day

im lucky

if i can indulge in a twenty minute shower


if i can get to sleep before 1am

oh my


when the bubs are a little bigger

i can focus more on myself

all i can do now is watch my sugar intake

and my chocolates 🙂

but i tell you again

i love my curves

theyre sexy

thayre womanly

and thats what i am

and im proud of it



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