wake up at the crack of dawn

walk to the train station

get dirty



fixing trucks

come home to cook dinner

spend time with me

He let me watch my silly cartoons instead of the footy

he took me out for maccas breakfast every saturday morning

he made giant bacon and egg sandwiches for sunday breakfast

he gave me massages after karate lessons

he sang off key

but he sang loudly and proudly

he always caught me when he threw me up in the air

he worked his ass off for me

he was my mothers first and last love

he was my first love

no man compares

this august it will have been 18 years since he passed away

i hope today he is proud of me

i sometimes think that he came back

as kai

there are times when my little boy guides me in a way no child actually could

my mum supposedly doesnt believe in reincarnation

but sometimes

i think she believes it too



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