I tell you what

i would be the worst counsellor

not because i dont like to listen to people

i do

but i cant keep out of their drama

i get all emotionally involved

take their problems home with me

and worry

and worry

and worry

and come up with siggestions

and possible solutions

and i offer it to them

and they nod

and they dont listen

then they complain

then i worry some more

being a teacher

i do the same thing

even though my kids are 3-4

if they get sick i worry at night

are they going to be okay tomorrow?

if they didnt come to school

are they alright?

sometimes its hard to keep a professional head on as a teacher

to keep my boundaries

because i grow to love them like my own

and after a year with them

its gong to be ha to say goodbye

every year its the same

i cry

beause ill miss them

and i wont see them everyday in class

and i wont be bothered by them

i wont hear their endles stories and questions

why why why ms tash

Most days im so glad im a teacher

some days, i wish i had become a ninja instead



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