You can take the girl outta the trailer park,
But you cant take the trailer park outta the girl…

Let me just edit slightly

You can take the girl outta the kampung,
But you cant take the kampung outta the girl.

Let me make a note before i continue
That this is not directed at anyone i may know personally
But i have to say

Shut up

About your million rupiah appliances
Your million rupiah clothes
How much you spend on this
On that

You have no style
Or tact
Or class
You wash your dishes in the bathroom
You sleep on the floor
Your house is in the kampung
I dont care how many floors it has

I am not jealous
I pity you

Heres a secret not many people know
I used to have it all
And then
Due to some unfortunate events
I lost a lot
And i had to start from the bottom again

I dont live in a luxurious house
I drive a ghetto car
I buy cheap sandals
My money goes to my children
My money goes to coffee and cigarettes too 🙂
But i dont flaunt it

My mother had it all
She travelled the world
But if you met her today
You couldnt tell
She is humble

Thats what you lack
You with you all your crap
You lack humility

So congratulations
But i see through your money
And so does everybody else
You aint fooling nobody


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