Being a Teacher

I had a little boy tell me the other day
That i was one of his favourite teachers
Because i was such a good teacher

That truly warmed me
The funny thing is
He is not even in my class
I barely see him
And when i do
I am usually asking him to stop talking and listen

But i guess
That is the wonderful thing about being a teacher
The little hearts you touch
Whether or not you are in the classroom with them all day
Or whether you only see them in passing through the school

Its very rewarding knowing that i have made a difference
Even a slight difference
In the lives of the children
With the parents

I dont know any other early years teachers that have as many tattoos as i have
I have had children coming to school with permanent pen drawings on their arms
Stick on tattoos
Hair tied up like mine

Academics is last on my list of things to teach

I will send my children and parents away at the end of the year
More open minded
More accepting
More empathetic

I think ive done my job
This year
There is always next year
A new group of students to break in
New parents
New challenges

And i will
Because i do what i do
Im good at what i do
And i love what i do

And at the end of the day
That is the most important thing


Thank you to the parents of Sunrise School
Who have welcomed and accepted me
With my big personality
And thousands of tattoos
Love to you all


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