Motherhood pt II

I am a little nervous
We are coming into a month’s school holidays
My mum is flying back to jakarta
I will be


From morning til late at the night
Every night
With no help
And two little children

How do people do it overseas?
How can they be just full time house wives?
Just children and house and supermarket
And over and over again
Without help

Its a little daunting
I am a little nervous
Scared you might even say

Does that sound silly?
Its your job…
Thats what your supposed to do….

Um, no
I was never supposed to be anything
Least of all a full time housewife
Its ok
Its just the holidays

But you mothers
Who are doing it on your own
You know what i mean
And kudos to you
For still keeping your head on straight

I will let you know how i go in a month



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