The Journey.. Kai

When i was pregnant with kai

I was…
You get the picture

But i look back now
And im not sure how i survived

I had a couple of close friends and my sister
Who supported me every which way
A group of practically strangers who would sit and comfort me for hours
My old tattoo artist whom would also sit with me all day long if needed

I slept on friends couches
I had no money
No job
No plans

Emotionally i was a wreck

The only thing that kept me going
Was knowing that i had to give bring this little boy into the world
For whatever reason
He had chosen me
And i was going to do it
And i did

None months later
My life changed
And i was stronger
And better for it

Bless my son
Who gave me life by my giving him his
I dont know what i would do without him

He is
My best friend
My soul partner
My little monster
My mini me
My first and true love

I am sure he will give me grief when he gets older
He is my son
Of course he will

But its ok
It will all have been worth it
This is what i was meant to do
To bring him here

To guide him
And i will do my best



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