Faith in Humanity I

Driving to pick up my son from a play date at about 6pm
I saw so many motorcyclists
Without helmets
Barely any street lamps
Swerving and overtaking
I’m thinking
Wow, these people must have a death wish
Are they insane
Or just stupid and reckless
But with the baby in the car
I simply drove slowly and carefully
And did my best to avoid getting hit

After picking him up
I stopped at a busy intersection
Where cars and motorbikes were shoving in and around each other
Nobody giving in
Everybody beeping their horns

Then i saw one man
He was on a motorbike with a huge suitcase in the front
Probably heading to the airport
Waiting patiently for his turn to go
There was an opening for me
But i waited to let this man pass first
As he passed me
He gave me a big smile and a nod
And then i drove on

So just for today
My faith in humanity
Is restored
There are in fact still people here
Who are well mannered and patient on the roads

I hope he made it safely to wherever he was headed


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