Motherhood… Lessons

I bought my almost six year old son
A ken and barbie doll
Against what my husband says
Against what my mum says
Against what a lot of people would say i suppose

We had a long discussion about

It seems a bit much for a five and a half year old
So what?

I told him that he can play with whatever he wants to play with

I told him his sister can too

I told him he is free to love whomever he wants to

As long as he when he does

He is faithful

I married your daddy and i dont kiss any other boys

Thats what being faithful is

Can i have more than one wife?

No, but you can have many girlfriends as long as you date them one at a time

He laughed

I’ll wait

He said

I’m going to marry jazz

I told him about the gay friends i have

About how they get treated differently just because they dont love girls

Thats not fair

He said

I want him to grow ip open minded


Of others

Of himself

I dont want him to be afraid

To be himself

Whomever that may be

And if people say im teaching him the “wrong” thing

So be it

I grew up with labels

And i grew up labelling others

I dont want my children to do the same



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