As a mother
And an early years teachers
I cannot stand

I cannot stand them
My students are amazing
They always have been
They respect me
They know my boundaries
They listen
And we love each other

I met a child
One of “those” children
She whines
She whinges
She hits her parents
She is impolite

Where are the boundaries that i can push
She is not my child
Nor my student
Who am i to discipline her
When her own parents let her be this way

Do they think its cute?
Do they think she will grow out of it?

Next time i see her
I dont know i can stop myself from saying something
Its atrocious to see

Whenever my son goes on playdates
I am both relieved and proud when i hear he has been kind and polite
Yes, he can be obnoxious
And bossy as well
But i can see it
I dont deny it

My sister points things out at times
I think about it
And see where i can make a change in the way i discipline him
He gets spoiled by certain people
But i dont let him get away with craappppp

But this child
Oh my
This child
Oh my


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