Some People

Some people……


A few days ago, as I was driving out of my neighborhood, I saw a little boy, about eleven years old. He was lying in e middle of the street, his legs tangled up in his bicycle.. He couldn’t get up.

He was alone.

Riding alone on a busy street without a helmet.

On one side of the street was a little local store with about five people inside.

On the other side were a few families playing in the yard.

Nobody bothered to help him.

I pulled over, with my mum and baby in the car. I helped him untangle his legs, took him and the bike to the store, made sure he was alright. He had slipped on some gravel and fallen, his legs were a little scratched up.

Only then did the people in the store come rushing over all, “oh my god, are ok? Are you hurt?”

The people on the other side of the street stood there and looked on, concerned now, asking me if he was ok.

Why didn’t they see for themselves?

Why didn’t they help him?

Some people…..

I don’t know.


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