Teaching…. Guiding

“Make sure that your teaching doesn’t get in the way of your children’s learning”

It’s hard to remember that I am only here to show them the door, and that they need to walk through it themselves. Sometimes I want to shove them through the doorway and lock them in.

It’s hard to remember that no matter what I preach, or how often I do it… At the end of the day, they’re going to learn best by example and by doing it themselves.

As poshy as it sounds, I prefer the term “directress” rather than “teacher” because really, that is all I am doing…. Directing. Guiding.

Directing them onto what is hopefully the “right” path. Academically, emotionally, socially, spiritually.

I started this school year with basic conventional math skills. Halfway through the term, I realized, they don’t even know why we’re talking about this.

Why do we need to know addition?
What are numbers for?
How did they originate?
How did people used to write numbers?
How will it help when we’re bigger?

So I scrapped a lot of my planning and started from scratch.

Most days, I go by how many children are present in the class, how is the collective mood. Will it be an arty day? A musical day? A more academic day of handwriting and number skills?

Every day is a surprise.

The lessons planned usually go out the window.

I figure, at the end of the school year, as long as I’ve covered the basic objectives, it doesn’t matter how I got there.

Whether the children learned subtraction by eating pizza, or learned to write by tracing in the sand, or geography by playing with play doh and water…..

I’ll be happy knowing that they have left my class having learned manners, social skills, equality and acceptance.

Gentleness and that boys are allowed to cry and girls can have short hair and wear pants.

As long as my children are happy to come to school and see me every day…

As long as they leave with a smile on their face….

I’ve done my job.

Love to my kiddies and the amazing team at school.




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