Title Ms. Perfect

Excuse me Ms. Perfect.
I’d forgotten how wonderful you were.
Please remind me again so I can take notes.
Perhaps make some charts.
Maybe tell all my friends.
Please show me how to to everything correctly because I am so obviously doing everything wrong its practically a sin.

Tell me how i should organise my house because…
Oh that’s right, you don’t even clean yours yourself.

Tell me how I should be a good wife to my husband because…
Oh wait, where is yours?

Tell me how I should raise my children because…
Oh that’s right, yours are sooooo normal.

Mmmm hmmmmm…
Point taken?
I don’t want your input.
Never asked for it.

Before you go judging me….
Make sure you’re perfect.
And it case it wasn’t clear enough…
You’re not.



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