My Truth

Here is the truth

I am me

I am a mother
A wife
A daughter
A teacher
A friend

But I am still me

Only very recently
Did I become me

And I mean, everywhere, with everyone,

My personality doesn’t change
Nor does my character

I perhaps am more tactful when I have to be

But I don’t change for anyone
Not to suit anybody’s else’s needs or expectations

This is who I am

If you ask me how I am
I will tell you

If you didn’t really want to hear my answer
Then why did you bother asking in the first place

Like it
Love it
Or leave it

I don’t have a gun to your head
I never asked you to stay
If you don’t like who I am
Then please
Go away




5 thoughts on “My Truth

  1. arvindkumarsingh201989 says:

    i love your blog much true line

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