It terrified her
The very idea of it
The fact that she could lose all sight of things that
Made sense
That she could lose herself
To someone else

And so she worked hard
To build the walls
A prison surrounding her heart
Her soul
Her essence
Never allowing herself to be known by others
Not really

She was determined
That nobody
No man
Would ever get past those walls
She guarded herself with a driven passion
Near to the point of complete isolation

Fuck you
Fuck you for breaking down those walls
Fuck her
For allowing you to get past

She was strong
The vulnerability
Her naked soul
Bared for you
To see
To feel

She doesn’t understand
Words and meaning escape her rational mind
Of letting someone so close
So deep

But it’s done now
Through no choice of her own
It was her heart that decided
It was her lonely soul

Her heart beats for the first time
Her heart feels this
This thing

And it pains her
She is drowning in the overwhelming magnitude
Of feelings tidal waving over her being

She is lost in your forever
And she is yours.


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