I’m Baaaaaaack x

Apologies for being away for months! It has been hectic… But in a great way…. Well mostly.

Here’s a brief update on why I temporarily abandoned Angels of Mine:

1. One of my girlfriends and I have started an online business, check it out… GirlsLove… Jewelry, accessories and all things girl fabulous!

We’re on Facebook – Girlslove
Wordpress – girlslovefabulous.wordpress.com
Twitter – @girlsLove_bali

We’ve gone a bit mental with promo but we haven’t launched yet. We are so super busy and ridiculously excited.

2. Last term of the school year is always crazy with performances and reports so i was also tied up with that.

3. Raven. If you’ve read older blog posts, then there’s no explanation required.

Aaaaaand…. I think that’s it. So I’m back now and ready to bloooooggggggggg and get back on track with Angel of Mine. Thank you for your patience and love.



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