We all have to make them
There is no wrong or right
But there are consequences to the choices you make

As a mother
They say you have no choice but to love to your child
This isn’t true
Every mother has a choice to love her child or not
Those who choose not to
Should not have been mothers

You can choose to love what you do
Or to do what you love
Or do nothing and resent yourself and everybody around you for your unhappiness

Everyday I wake up
And I make those choices
I choose to love my children
Because they are a blessing
And although sometimes I don’t like what they do
Or their behaviour
I never stop loving them

Everyday I go to work
And I choose to love it
Because I’m doing what I love
Making a difference
No matter how small it may be
And I’m grateful
Because so few are given the opportunity to do what they love

In a relationship…
Any relationship…
A friendship…
A love affair…

You make that same choice everyday
To love her
To love him
To stay
Or to go

It cannot be forced
Sometimes it’s hard
And maybe that’s why so many relationships don’t last

Because the choice to stay wasn’t made
The choice to be with that other person everyday
Wasn’t made

Sometimes it’s for the better
Sometimes it’s not

Either way
Choices need to be made