I never decided to have to have children
I decided to keep them though
They were the ones who decided to be born to me

And everyday
Having my heart split in three
And having the other two parts walking around outside my body…

I want to keep them with me all the time
Protect them

I complain of tiredness
“It’s so hard looking after them…”

But honestly
When I’m alone
I don’t feel complete

And that is love
Unconditional love




This Life


Sometimes i feel
So out place
In this world
In my body
There were times
before i had children
When i used to wonder
What i could have possibly done in previous lives
To have been born into this one
Why again?
Why arent i done yet?
One more time
But wait
Possible one more
Kai and i have already made a plan
For next time
One more
Kai and i
Another journey
But lets enjoy this one first my love
Enjoy this life
And when our time comes
I’ll see you in the next one