Good Enough

I’m never going to be good enough
I won’t ever reach your expectations
I make mistakes
I’m careless
I can irresponsible
It’s too little for you
I’m just not good enough

But what about what you don’t see
Refuse to see?
I’m so much more
Than a wife
A mother
A teacher
A friend

I am passionate

I try my best
I want to give my best
In all the little things I do

And if you don’t see that
Then there’s nothing I can do

Because I know my worth
And I am so much more than what you see




When I Grow Up

When i was younger
I told my mum
That i wanted twelve children
Six of my own
Six adopted
And who are you going to marry?
She asked
I dont want to get married
I want to be a mum

When i married my husband
My mum was in shock lol
I think the marriage surprised her more than some other things i had done in my life