You Don’t Know Me

You know my name
You know my family
We hang out
But how much do you know?
Really know?
Of my story
Of my pain

You see my smile
You assume I’m happy
Because why shouldn’t I be?
You don’t know that I’m fighting back tears
You don’t know my fears

You see my cuts
And you place me in a little box
To judge
She must have been this…
She must have done that…
You don’t see my scars
The ones that aren’t physically displayed
The ones that will never fade

You hear what I say
But you really listening
You don’t know what goes on in my mind
In my heart

And right back at you
I don’t know all of you
I assume as we’ll
I make judgments too
Forgive me when I do

I don’t know your story
I don’t know your pain
I cant feel your scars
I can’t read your mind

If you’d give me chance
I’d like to
And in turn
If you’re not too afraid
I’d like to show you too

This is not an open invitation
As I trust few
So don’t misuse
And let’s start a fabulous journey




Darkness Pt III

my skin is crawling

my bones are aching

my head is throbbing

where are you?

my hands are shaking

my mind is breaking

my eyes are bleeding

where are you?

you lied

you said you would make it alright

does it look alright?

does it?

you said you could fix anything

well, did you?

burning in flames for all eternity

would be more pleasant than this

this yearning

this longing

this aching

this feeling

of torment

this pit

ive dug for myself

and i cant climb out

and nobody hears me

nobody is around





by my own insanity

when will it end?

when the pain stop?

The Darkness pt. I

She couldn’t face reality

Reality was


Too painful

Better run

Better hide

Anything is better than this

And so she ran

She hid

She drank away reality

She drifted further and further away

Slowly losing herself

Becoming a slave to her needs

Losing her soul

Drowning in the darkness

Drowning in the pain

Every day was torture

Every night was worse

Every minute crawled

And alone

So alone

She couldn’t


Find help

So afraid

So deeper she fell

And nobody noticed

Because I guess

She never mattered enough

And now

You wish she were here

But it’s too late

It’s always too late


You will never know what it feels like

To need someone

To want someone

To love someone

So much

Too much

And have them walk away

How could you

When you are so cold

So heartless

So devoid of any human emotion

So shut off

How could you

You will never know

The pain

That rips through your chest

The darkness that envelopes

You will never know

And you don’t care