This is raven

She came into this world knowing who she was
Even though I didn’t have a clue

She waddles into a room and knows her place
Makes people fall in love her immediately


She will do great things

Maybe not in the save your life as a doctor kind of way
Or make a scientific breakthrough

But she will changes lives
And she will move hearts

I don’t know why she’s here
But I do know
She will be


And I am so grateful that she chose me to be her mother





My Man

My Man

Being a single mother…

i made all the decisions about my child, my life…

i had nobody to share the joys, pains, struggles with…

my child become my best friend, thus i teated him like an adult…

i was independent…

a survivor…

i was free…





i have a best friend with whom i can to about anything, anytime…

checking in and planning things around each others busy schedules…

i have someone with whom i can share everything…


some days i think that it was easier when i was alone.

lone wolf…

independent woman.

but its a struggle.

it isnt easy

so much fear and insecurity

what will happen if…?

most days i love being married.

i love that i no longer feel as though i have to carry the weight of the world alone on my shoulders.


there are less fears and insecurities

the companionship,



feeling loved and being taken care of

he is a blessing

for both myself and my son


i see the love between my son and my husband and i feel at peace.

he came into our lives at that time for a reason.

i think he was always meant to be his father

i think kai chose him

just as he chose me to be his mother


to teach me

teach us

something valuable that we could not learn on our own.

thank you for my children

thank you for my man