Good Enough

I’m never going to be good enough
I won’t ever reach your expectations
I make mistakes
I’m careless
I can irresponsible
It’s too little for you
I’m just not good enough

But what about what you don’t see
Refuse to see?
I’m so much more
Than a wife
A mother
A teacher
A friend

I am passionate

I try my best
I want to give my best
In all the little things I do

And if you don’t see that
Then there’s nothing I can do

Because I know my worth
And I am so much more than what you see




The Wife

I know what it means to be a mother.
Thats easy.

But what does it mean to be a wife?
Ok, lets go back to the 50’s…

Stay at home.
Look after the children.
Wash the laundry.
Hang the laundry.
Fold the laundry.
Clean the house.
Feed the family.

Hmmmmm…. Now lets come back to the present….


Hmmmmm…. Ok.

So what am i doing?
Im trapped between these two worlds….
Two stereotypes…..
Of what a wife “should” be.

What happened to partnership?
Or was there ever such a thing?
Am i just imagining it?

Mu husband is great.
But there are times when it feels awfully one sided.

Can you relate?

How it would be to come home from work and sit back in front of the tv for an hour without interruptions.

Or to have a long leisurely shower.

Eat a meal sloooowly, enjoying it, sitting down….

Yes, i think all these are just figments of my imagination.

I think the world needs more house-husbands.

Financial stress is manageable.

Emotional and physical stress can topple you over the edge.

I dont want to topple.

I quite enjoy being sane….

But there are days….

Oh my, there days…..